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Greetings illustrious visitor. My name is Chris Lord and I am the Head Pixie and Pixel Pusher at Pixielated Pixels. Clicking on the above banner will take you to my main web site where I have over 1600 images of all kinds to view and purchase. There is certainly an image there to please almost any taste. Castles however are my most enjoyable ultimate subject and this blog is dedicated to them.

I am British born and bred but New York City based and I spend a vast amount of my time on this planet creating digitally enhanced photographic images. Welcome to my eclectic perhaps even eccentric pages. Photography has been an obsession since I was 13 years old and went off to Italy clutching my mother's accordion style 1940s roll film camera. I had a darkroom years ago but pouring evil smelling chemicals in and out of containers and waiting for that timer to buzz was not my idea of fun. I've been fooling with computers since I bought an Amiga 1000 back in 1985. My first chunky pixelized images were digitized into that machine using a black and white CCTV camera by making 3 exposures through the green, red & blue cells of a color wheel. At last, with today's software and hardware I feel that I can create the images I see in my mind's eye. Two years ago I retired from the "real" world and bought a Canon 5D and now I'm using a 5D Mark II. Most of the magic happens, of course, in Adobe's fabulous Photoshop program. I spend many late nights with my butt parked in front of it's wondrous arcane interface! I hope that you enjoy the results

My work is available as prints in an amazing variety of sizes and formats. Giclée Fine Art Prints on Canvas, Stretched Canvas, Watercolor Paper, Fine Art Papers. Photographic Prints on many Substrates including the fabulous new Metal Prints and many many more from various sources, of course including Pixielated Pixels above where your orders are fulfilled by one of America's top Photographic Labs.
Please view the "links" page for where to purchase prints of this collection and many other "Pixielated" images.

I hope you enjoyed looking at, as much as I enjoyed creating this collection of photographic artwork.
Thank you so much for visiting.

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