The Castle Cemetery

The Old Crypt at The Castle Cemetery
The castle cemetery is a classic upright stone burial ground with many large crypts that house the remains of the rich elite from the castle's past. When you enter the grounds you are amazed at the age and detail of many of the gravestones and crypts. However one crypt stands out above them all.
There is no name inscribed upon the top beam like all of the other crypts, and it is darkened as if it had been exposed to fire. The legends are sketchy and vary depending on who you talk to. But the basics of the crypt legends go like this. Inside the crypt lies an undead body of a real honest to goodness blood sucking creature of the night. He was a wealthy man who fell ill after a trip to Romania and soon after returning to the castle he died of consumption. He was buried in the crypt on the southern hillside of the Cemetery, and within a week strange things began to happen. Dead bodies would be found in the grounds that surrounded the graveyard. Their blood had been drained and there were the classic teeth marks on the neck. It was the maintenance man who lived on the grounds who found out the evil creatures secret and the attacked and burned the crypt during the daylight to rid the castle of this evil abomination. The family name was scraped from the tomb stonework as a warning to all who came near. Its doors were chained and locked shut never to be opened again. But look! The door is open and a shadowy figure moves within.....................